About Vermont

Moonlight in Vermont is more than a song.  It’s about the spell that the Green Mountain State has cast on visitors and residents for over 200 years.  It’s the magic of Vermont that makes the Green Mountain State one of the top wedding destinations in the world.

These Green Mountains have a magnetic pull to them, bringing visitors back generation after generation and embracing hearty Vermonters who fall in love with the land, the people and the distinctively quirky communities that make Vermont, Vermont.

What is it that gives Vermont a character unlike any other state?  It could be the sap that flows through our maples.  Or the 6,000 farms and nearly a million and a half acres of Vermont agricultural land.  The romance of pastoral views in all four seasons.  Our inns and the warmth of Vermont hospitality. Our Town Meeting Day.  The artisans that create everything from cheese to hand-crafted furniture.  The fresh produce at our farmer’s markets.  The independent spirit that has defined Vermont from its first settlers.

Whatever brings you to Vermont, we welcome you to plan an unforgettable wedding with world-class wedding resources.  You’ll also get to enjoy Vermont while you are finding the perfect wedding venue, choosing a photographer and sampling the many tastes of Vermont’s finest caterers.  For every bride, there is a Vermont season.   Pick up on the colors of the foliage for your bridal bouquet.   Ski, snowshoe or snowboard to the altar.  Choose maple sugar or chocolate favors.  Pitch a wedding tent on a pastoral green field, languishing in a Vermont summer.   Treat your guests to the romance of Vermont and yourself to a place you’ll always want to return.