Wedding Tips from Vermont experts

Our members are the top professionals in the state when it comes to wedding vendors, they have graciously put together a list of wonderful tips that will hopefully help your day go smooth and make it the most memorable day ever! Enjoy!

  1. Set the Date and Go.  Procrastinators beware.  Once you set the date, it’s time to develop your timeline – ten months to one year in advance.  If you wait on key decisions like your wedding venue or caterer, you’re likely to find they are already booked.  This is especially true during peak wedding season months.  As soon as your book your venue, book your wedding officiant.
  2. Inform your Guests.  In the end, it’s the people sharing the wedding with you that make the day unforgettable.  Get your Save the Date card out early so your guests mark it on their calendars and have plenty of time for travel arrangements and accommodations.  Give your guests information on Vermont’s cultural events, charming hamlets and the logistics of getting to your wedding venue.  A well-informed guest makes a happy guest.
  3. Set the Tone.  From the Save to the Date to the invitations, venue and music, your wedding is a reflection of your personal taste and style.  Think about what you want your Vermont wedding to communicate about you.  Are you an avid skier and hiker or are you a serious foodie and wine connoisseur?  Are you an uptown sophisticate or a down home bride with visions of country elegance?
  4. Choose Wedding Resources that Fit.  One size does not fit all when it comes to wedding planners, wedding photographers, musicians, DJs, floral designers, make-up artists or caterers.  It’s important for you to take the time to meet with the people who will be part of creating your wedding experience.  Beyond talent, you are looking for a good fit.  And whatever aspect of the wedding is most important to you, is one that deserves more of your attention.  For foodies, the caterer is critical.  For music lovers, the perfect band or DJ matters most.  And those with a penchant for black & white may want a photographer with a specific style.  Sit down as a couple and decide your top 3 priorities for your wedding day, and most of all remember this is your day not your mothers.
  5. Savor the Day.  When your wedding day comes don’t put yourself in the position of being in charge of the day.  Make sure that you can enjoy every moment and let someone else worry about the details.  If you ask brides one thing they would change about their wedding days, you often hear:  “I wish I could have enjoyed it more.”  Make sure you can be a guest at your own wedding and designate a person who will be your trusted liaison with the vendors to manage the day.  Enjoy!
  6. Engagement Photos.  Make the extra investment in an engagement photo session.  Your wedding day is the not the day to figure out if you and your photographer work great together.  Planning an engagement photo session allows you as a couple to figure our your ideal style, develop the relationship with your photographer and understand the overall feel you want to have your wedding images to have.
  7. Details.  Don’t get caught up in all the little details of the day, let your vendor’s manage what you hired them for.  Fall in love with your RAIN plan, the darker it get’s the less lighting you will want and need.  Focus on doing a few prioritized things very well, rather then doing many things with less intention.  Simple works.