Wedding favors are an easy way to show your appreciation of your guest’s attendance, but can also be a huge money and time blunder if you’re not careful!

D-I-Don’t? : If you want to make favors yourself, make sure they can be finished well in advance of your wedding. You don’t want to be up all night before your big day icing cookies, which will ultimately be more stress than they’re worth! Stick with something simple but meaningful.

Skip the magnet: Ask yourself, are your favors truly useful? Don’t give guests something they’ll either throw away or that will just sit in their junk drawer at home. There’s always the favor alternative of having your guests donate to a charity of your choice. Or no favors at all!

However, if you want to add favors as a personal touch, there are plenty of functional, affordable, and meaningful ideas out there! A few tips on choosing a specific one:

Correspond your favors with your theme: you don’t want to ruin the concept you’ve worked so hard to put together with an out-of-place favor

Decide who will be receiving the favors: preferably everyone will get one, but some people do one per household or couple. However, this isn’t recommended for a large guest lists as it ends up being more complicated than it’s worth. You will also want to keep in mind, if you are thinking of doing alcohol or cigars as your favor, what younger guests will receive as an alternative

Keep packaging in mind: many guests have traveled to be there on your special day, so make sure it’s something that can be easily packed and won’t get taken by airport security!

Think cake pops, candy, miniature bottles of things like olive oil or maple syrup, personalized matchbooks, or seed packets. Small but useful or yummy! Your guests shouldn’t expect gifts; they should be included to give your soiree some extra enchantment ☺


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