When you are planning a wedding, you will discover that there are hundreds of details that you had never fully noticed at any wedding attended. You will be faced with decisions about tiny things that prompt long conversations, hours befriending Google, and jogging your memory bank to the taken-for-granted aspects of any wedding you’ve witnessed.

No, I am not talking about the tiny wedding favors or the filler greens in the flower arrangements, but the itsy pieces of paper that makeup either place cards or escort cards. These objects, which fit in the palm of your hand, can present a fun challenge (or an interesting contemplation) while planning your wedding.

You may be reading this and thinking “Ummm, aren’t those the same thing?” Well, not exactly. Both cards work to match a guest with a table, but place cards also provide the exact seat for which the person will sit.

Escort cards are like a greeting at your home door: guests walk into the reception site, glass of wine in hand, and see a beautifully arranged table adorned with cards. These cards have a name and a table number or table theme identifier. They hold the hand of your guest as they stroll to their table and pick a spot. Escort cards offer the planning of matching guests to a table and location but also give the guests flexibility and freedom to sit where they choose at the table.

At more formal affairs or at very intently planned events, you may encounter a place card. This card decorates a chair or a plate at the exact seating of where the guest will spend their time. Although this option may not provide the flexibility as an escort card, it may make specific dietary restrictions and options more easily distributed by the caterer.

Not inclined to do any directing of seating arrangements? Go for a sit anywhere experience. If you’ve ever looked at wedding table settings or receptions on Pinterest, you’ll remember those beautifully painted signs saying, “Come as you are, stay as long as you can, we’re all family here, so no seating plan!” or “Choose a seat, not a side…”

Regardless of your chosen option, there are a million ways to be creative with the presentation and choice of signs. In addition, everyone is at your wedding to be merry and celebrate…if anyone is complaining about who they are sitting next to, make a few more champagne toasts and feel the energy of the amazing love in the room.


VT Enchanted